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I am Allan and I own Superior Mobile Sharpening. I started butchering at the age of 15 - some 40 plus years ago - and is where I first learnt to sharpen knives. Six years ago I started my own mobile sharpening business trying several methods of knife sharpening before settling on our current methods that I believe are the best in the industry.

When I first began my business I had a huge grinding wheel that was driven by a 4hp Honda motor in the back of my van; this method of sharpening proved noisy with the motor, and was dangerous as it involved a huge stone wheel spinning at a rate of 3000 rpm, with no protection for me or anyone/thing that happened to come within contact, so I looked to improve upon this.

In 2012 I was in the US and came across belt sharpening. I set myself up with a linishing belt with a variable drive which was much less dangerous than the previous method, but I often found that the belts were easily damaged and would snap at the join. Again there was the problem with constant angles that customers so rightly required as both the previous methods had to deburr the knives with either a flap wheel or leather strop to yield a good clean edge. Both of these methods resulted in overheating or “blueing” and this was a constant problem causing heavy wear on customer’s knives.

Two years ago I came across a “TRUHONE” machine and decided to give it a go. The sharpening angles are clean with an equal adjustment that suits the item I am working on. I used a standard 220 grit wheels that greatly improved my performance as a professional sharpener. The wheels lasted well getting approximately 2 months before I had to redress them to get them back to premium performance. As well as being better lasting I have found it is impossible to damage a customer’s knife by blueing by overheating.

I have recently invested in TRUHONES premium diamond wheels which have been our best improvement yet. They have increased the smooth edge to customers’ knives and with variable speeds on my TRUHONE sharpener I can sharpen damaged knives very quickly “without overheating”, even knives that are pitted from careless use can be returned to having the best edge possible.

However the best sharpener on earth cannot help a customer that does not maintain their knives properly. Always steel your knives regularly with good quality steel; I recommend light stroke with a diamond “crossteel’. A diamond Crossteel gets you the correct constant angle every time.

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  • We proudly sharpen your scissors on Hamaguri US sharpening systems and clipper blades on Treyco hollow grinding machine.
  • We have over 30 years experience in sharpening blades
  • We sharpen blades for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
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