How to Clean, Maintain and Sharpen Your Clipper blades in North Sydney

When most of us think of blades losing their edge and cutting power, our minds jump first to knives and kitchen equipment. However, all blades will need sharpening at some point, from those on gardening equipment to the clippers you use to cut hair. The issue is that these blades are tougher to sharpen using the standard home equipment.

At Superior Mobile Sharpening, we can help you keep all of your blades—including kitchen equipment, garden tools, pet grooming equipment and hairdressing clippers—sharp and ready for use! Cutting your hair or grooming a pet with dull-bladed clippers can be a dangerous and ineffective process, and our clipper blade sharpening service in North Sydney is designed to help you keep those blades as well maintained as possible.

Of course, simply calling a clipper blade sharpening service in North Sydney every few months isn't going to be enough to keep your clippers in good condition for the long term. Particularly if you use clippers professionally, learning the tenets of proper clipper care is a must to reduce wear and tear on the device.

When you call Superior Mobile Sharpening for clipper blade sharpening in North Sydney, our blade care experts can provide you with a few tips on how to maintain your clippers. However, the basics are to clean your blades after each use (using brushes and liquid to get bits of hair out from between the teeth of the blade) and to lubricate the blades with oil to reduce friction and cut down on wear and tear.

Need additional advice on how to clean your clipper blades, or what oil you should use for lubrication? Call Superior Mobile Sharpening today on 0432 595 336!

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