How Improper Sharpening Can Ruin Your Blades—and How a Knife Sharpening Service in North Sydney Can Help Solve the Problem

Sometimes, it seems that kitchen knives are extremely durable pieces of hardware. They are made out of tough stainless steel, after all, and if you spend a fair amount of money on a block of knives, you would expect them to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, many characteristics of home knife care (or lack thereof) can lead to the blades on your knives becoming dull at best and completely ruined at worst. Leaving knives in the sink, caked with food, is one common mistake. Another is dropping a knife into a full sink of soapy water to soak. Dry knives keep their edge for longer and won't rust.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, another way in which many home chefs damage their knives is by sharpening them. Knives typically need to be sharpened twice a year—depending on how much you use them—but it's all too easy to sharpen knives incorrectly at home. Using a whetstone is a genuine skill, and if you don't know how to do it right, you can strip the metal away from your knives and drastically reduce their lifespans.

Hiring a knife sharpening service in North Sydney can make it possible to get sharp knives for a competitive price without damaging your pricey kitchen investment. At Superior Mobile Sharpening, we have been providing these types of services in the Sydney area since 2011. Our owner even has 30 years of experience in the butchering industry! Suffice to say that we know how to keep blades sharp, as well as how to maximise the lifespan of every knife if your kitchen.

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