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In the world of restaurants and food service, quality, dependable tools such as sturdy pots and pans are essential to delivering a quality product to your diners. Among those critical tools are all the knives your chefs on the line use, from paring knives to big cleavers and chef's knives. Ensuring that these blades remain sharp is necessary for efficiency, but also crucial for safety. Dull knives can lead to dangerous situations and even injuries. Finding time to sharpen them in between services is difficult, though — and poor sharpening can damage your knives. Why not turn to Superior Mobile Sharpening instead? We are a knife sharpening service Sydney restaurants can depend on for top quality sharpening right on their premises.

We never subject knives to grinding or harsh techniques that shave away too much of the blade's metal. Instead, we use a Tru Hone machine with diamond honing wheels to carefully reshape the edge on both bevels. Our 30 years of experience and high level of training enable us to customise the edge on your blade to suit your cutting needs. Whether you need to cleanly cut fish or a fast slicing action, we tailor our knife sharpening in Sydney to your needs.

Visit our contact page to send us a digital enquiry, or call us today on 0432 595 336. Save time and invest in the long life of the tools that keep your kitchen cooking with the best knife sharpening service in Sydney.

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  • We proudly sharpen your scissors on Hamaguri US sharpening systems and clipper blades on Treyco hollow grinding machine.
  • We have over 30 years experience in sharpening blades
  • We sharpen blades for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
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