The Two Big Tips for Keeping Your Scissors in Good Shape: Avoiding Moisture and Working with a Scissor Sharpening Service in North Sydney

Few things are more irritating than reaching for a pair of scissors to cut fabric or thread, only to find that they've become blunt. If you use scissors in your everyday job—as dressmakers, upholsterers, pet groomers and many others do—you need to make sure that your scissors are always ready to go when you need them. Here are three tips that will help you keep your scissors in great shape.

  • Keep them dry: Moisture dulls all blades and scissors are no exception. Keeping your scissors completely dry at all times might not be realistic. If you are working with fabric for clothes, your scissors might catch some of the steam from the iron. If you are grooming a dog, there may be oil in his or her fur that you want to wash out once you are done with the job. If and when your scissors do get wet, though, hand dry them as quickly as possible to avoid dulling.
  • Keep a scissor sharpening service on the speed dial: Sharpening scissor blades is considerably more difficult than sharpening knives—even if you are a whiz with a whetstone. Have a scissor sharpening service that you can call to hone and sharpen your blades when they become blunt. If you are looking for a scissor sharpening service in North Sydney, consider Superior Mobile Sharpening. We come to you to provide a professional sharpening service, so you can have your blades sharpened while carrying on with your day-to-day work.

If you need additional tips on scissor care and maintenance, or if you just want to know more about our scissor sharpening service in North Sydney, feel free to contact us at Superior Mobile Sharpening today. You can reach us over the phone by dialling 0432 595 336 right now.

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